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Planning your Miami proposal doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. I’m here as your Miami proposal photographer to help you plan your surprise proposal!

When it comes to popping the question, one thing is for sure – your partner wants it documented! So after you’ve convinced them into getting their nails done, and you’re sure they love the outfit they’ve picked out, it’s time to plan your South Florida marriage proposal.

bride to be looking at her new ring Miami Proposal Photographer

I bet you’re wondering how this is going to go down! There are a few ways your photographer can document your proposal:

The South Florida Proposal Paparazzi

This takes a little more effort on everyone’s part, but basically you tell me where you’ll be, and I’ll hide in the bushes, or an alleyway, and stalk you two until you’ve hit your mark and drop to one knee. This option isn’t the best for crowded areas (like the Worth Ave Clock Tower) because we need to ensure I have a good shot while tourists are around – but it can be done!

A less-stressful way to pull this off – I’ll bring a friend and pretend I’m photographing their head shots. Then, when you come up, I can switch over to photographing your surprise proposal. No need for crouching in shrubbery and you still get the photos they’re craving!

This was before the proposal – she had no idea and thought he hired me to document their vacation in Palm Beach!

The Photo Session With a Miami Proposal Photographer

Are you visiting south Florida for another important life event, like an anniversary or birthday? If you don’t think you’re slick enough to pull off the paparazzi route, maybe telling your partner you hired a photographer to document this special time in your lives is more your style! It’s just another photo shoot, but with a secret 🙂

This is definitely the less-stressful way to go, as they’ll prepare for a “regular” photo session – so there’s less worry about wardrobe or nails. We’ll start at our meeting place, shoot a few photos, and then I can give a code word or suggest a pose that’ll give the cue to pop the question.

Consider a Proposal Planner

Any Palm Beach wedding or event planner can help you plan the perfect proposal, or you can go with a service that focuses solely on proposal planning. Rates for proposal planning can vary wildly, from a couple hundred dollars upwards to $1500, depending on what you’re looking for. Whether its a simple picnic on the beach, or a hotel room dripping with hundreds of roses, a planner can definitely help you come up with a proposal they’ll love.

bride-to-be wearing a tan dress kisses the cheek of her future husband in front of a Palm beach courtyard Miami Proposal Photographer

Miami Proposal Tips

Once you’ve decided on how your Miami proposal photographer will capture your surprise proposal, here are some tips to consider:

  • The day of the proposal, share your location with your photographer. This definitely calms the nerves so you won’t worry whether you’re in the right spot.
  • Ask for photos from locations your photographer recommends. I like to send screenshots with an “X” to mark the spot so we can ensure the best view and the best light.
  • Ask your photographer to grab a shot with your phone before they leave. I like to send a photo from my camera (thanks, WiFi!) just minutes after the session. But you’ll want a couple for the announcement for family and social media.
  • Send your photographer a few photos of you two together. We kinda need to know what you look like!
  • Remind your photographer the best ways and times they can contact you. I’m always nervous texting my proposal clients! Ilike having a work email or alternate way to communicate so we don’t blow the surprise!
  • And finally – RELAX. Ha! Easier said than done, but remember that asking for forever is the most important part, and not necessarily the photos. Really savor the moment, I promise I won’t jump out 2 seconds after they say yes.

Are you considering a surprise proposal in South Florida? I’d love to chat! My proposal services start at $600, and include up to an hour of coverage and all final, edited digital files within three days. One hour is just enough time to hide out, capture the moment, and a short engagement session once they say YES!

They want it photographed, I promise. Click the image below to check availability!