frequently asked questions

Love is Love and Black Lives Matter. ALWAYS.

You are welcome here. All people. All races. Young. Old. LGBTQ+. Skinny. Chubby. Disabled. Childless. Adoptive families. Vegans. Meat lovers. Only thing I dislike around here are butterflies.

There is absolutely no room here for racism, bigotry, or body shaming, and I hold my team of second photographers, assistants, and photo booth attendants to the same standards. I also vet the companies that help me with post-production, album design/creation, and gallery hosting - I will not stand for anything less.

I’m not here to “hey girl heyyyy!” you, or pretend to be an honorary bridesmaid. My job is to document an incredibly important day in your life, and to do it in the best light with minimal distractions and posing.

While I do help my couples build a timeline to allow us ample time for portraits and family formals, I truly believe candid, natural photographs will be the images you value most, and that value will only increase as the years go by. 

Probably! If not as a primary photographer, my experience as a second-photographer and assistant has brought me to the best wedding venues South Florida has to offer. 
Try not to limit your vendor search to only those that have worked at your venue. Instead, be sure they're worked in similar environments. I've photographed weddings and events in all lighting scenarios and conditions. Indoor with brick walls, outdoor with only cafe lights, yachts with 7 foot ceilings, etc. 
What about venue walk-throughs? Sadly, they are typically a waste of time. The weather will be different on your wedding day, a room may not be available, or the dang catering van could be ruining a backdrop you had in mind. I do think it's best we go into your wedding day with fresh eyes and creative hearts. For clients insisting on a venue walkthrough, an additional hourly fee will be invoiced. 

I shoot with two Canon R6 camera bodies and a selection of Canon professional lenses of various focal lengths. I'm prepared to shoot in any lighting scenario, so I don't call myself a "natural light photographer." I've spent years honing my skills so I can properly light any space using speedlights, pocket-strobes, or continuous LED panels without being overly distracting. 

And yes, I'm insured and have backup equipment. 

I will have an assistant with me, and second photographers are available should you feel the need for more coverage. Adding a second photographer will yield about 20% more images, alternate angles, and can help alleviate the tight timeline of your wedding day - especially if there are separate getting-ready locations and/or no first look.

Second photographers aren't random photographers from message boards - they are trusted colleagues with their own successful studios that happen to have the day available. Out of respect for supporting staff, additional photographers, assistants, and booth attendants cannot be cancelled within six weeks of your wedding date.

We are building our associate team! These associates are trusted photographers that I've trained to provide amazing photographs and provide a seamless experience within the brand. If you don't hire me for your wedding day, be cautious of photographers offering associates, as most of the time they aren't part of their business and they're pushing your wedding day off to random photographers in Facebook groups- YIKES.

Yes! I can help with your wedding day timeline. However, please understand that I am not a wedding planner or coordinator, and the value that one can add to your wedding day is immeasurable. Wedding day timelines are typically discussed 8-10 weeks before the big day, and I'm happy to give timing suggestions before getting those invitations out! 

I do not currently offer videography, but I do give a juicy list of videographers I trust and love working with after booking. 

Remember, cheaper is not better when it comes to videography. It's crucial your photographer can work with your video team. Established, experienced videographers will have more than just one wide-angle lens and knows that your photographer gets the primary shot while allowing poses and directions that include movement and moments so we all get what we need to make you happy. 

If you're reading this, chances are you've made the first move already. (If not, just fill out the contact form below!) I'll check my availability, and we'll hop on a quick 15-20 minute phone call to get to know each other. There's absolutely no pressure to book.
If we're a good fit, I'll send over more information, detailed pricing, and the fun REALLY begins!