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A Worth Ave Proposal


It’s always exciting when that email hits my inbox: “We’re planning a trip to Florida and I’d like to propose to my girlfriend and have a photographer document it!” A Worth Ave proposal was just what I needed to get my mind off all this COVID stuff!

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The Story:

Matt and Emily were already planning their wedding (thanks, COVID) and future together, but the trip from Nashville to Palm Beach was a surprise for Emily. Leading up to his proposal, Matt and I discussed restaurants for a quick margarita and snacks, and Google-Map’ped our faces off trying to find the perfect spot for his proposal to Emily and a quick engagement session.

We finally decided on Worth Ave in Palm Beach. I love this engagement session location for the European feel, beautiful architecture, and low crowds in the summer.

Funny story about the moments before the surprise proposal – I knew Matt and Emily were in the area (thanks, iPhone stalking!) I watched as they walked right on by the clock tower – crawling with visitors. Matt booked it down the avenue towards a restaurant. I followed behind them, frantically calling friends and family because I figured I’d look less suspicious (haha!) Matt dipped into a restaurant, texted me that they were heading back, and I ran back to the tower to try to clear the crowds…

Anyway, our proposal plan worked! I sweetly (and sweatily – whew it’s hot out there!) asked a few people for some space around the clock tower, and Matt’s Palm Beach proposal worked itself out.

She said yes! (Duh!)

Planning your own surprise proposal? I promise you, they want a photographer to capture the moment! Get in touch and let’s get to planning the perfect West Palm Beach proposal!