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Utilize Your Wedding Photographer for Wedding TikTok Content!


Capturing the perfect wedding day photos and videos means hiring a skilled professional photographer or videographer that suits your unique style and preferences. Whether you want lots of natural light, heavily-posed images, dark and romantic poses, or photos with dramatic editing, choosing the right photographer and videographer to capture your wedding day TikTok or Instagram content is an essential part of the planning process.

Wedding Tiktok

Why a Pro Photographer Will Capture your TikTok Wedding Content Best

Modern weddings often include another added layer to capturing those special moments: wedding day content creation. With the popularity of social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, many modern-day weddings want photographers or videographers who not only photograph those fantastic moments but also create content. After all, wouldn’t you much rather bask in the excitement of wedded bliss than spend hours editing photos and videos to post on social media? There is no need to hire some muppet, amateur content creator from TikTok – just utilize the skills and creativity of your wedding photographer and her team!

Press play to see how we capture important wedding day moments like those incredible first minutes after the ceremony!

How We Capture Your Day

If you’re looking for a fantastic team of photographers and content creators in the Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, or Miami area, check me out. The real deal is where your wedding will be captured just as it is. Your big day is fun, exciting, super nerve-wracking, gorgeous, and one killer party you’ll never forget. So why not allow yourself to fully enjoy those moments without being bogged down by imposing photographers and content creators who spend most of the time meticulously setting up areas and posing people? With me, your big day will be documented in an honest, artsy, beautiful way without becoming an imposition. We can handle everything from portraits to candid moments to content creation.

I have spent the last 15+ years documenting weddings. So clearly, I’m no amateur looking to make some extra cash on the side by doing half-hearted content creation. I go into each wedding with one clearly-defined goal: allow couples to have fun while I document their special day and keep the feelings honest, heartfelt, and beautiful. Weddings should be about celebrating a couple’s love for one another and the fantastic support they have from their closest family and friends. Your wedding shouldn’t be bogged down by hours of meticulous posing or waltzing around the venue trying to find the perfect angle or lighting. My team and I aim to capture the big day as it unfolds in the most natural way possible.

Social Media Content Creation

TikTok and other social media platforms are booming with content creators. Still, many of them are just amateurs posing as professionals. Or, they may know a thing or two about content creation but not so much about the intricate details of a wedding day. Everyone wants life’s biggest moments captured on camera and film and presented on social media in an elegant, artsy format.

Before you take a risk and ruin your ideas for capturing your special day, consider enlisting the services of a professional wedding photographer instead. Someone who doesn’t assert themselves in the TikTok content creation space. Utilizing the services of a professional wedding photographer gives you just that: a professional. And preferably, one who won’t screw it up for you!

Wedding Tiktok or Instagram Content From a Professional

Another benefit of using your photographer and their team for TikTok content creation is that you don’t have to hire, coordinate, and guide yet another wedding vendor. Think about how many guests will be at your event, how many vendors will be dropping off and setting up decor, and how many coordinators will be walking around making sure the space is operating at its finest – do you really want to add another person to that equation? Probably not. A third-party content creator can get in the way of your photographer and her team and risk messing up their ability to capture some of the best moments of your special day.

A good, experienced wedding photographer knows how to capture the best moments a couple will cherish forever. They won’t need to spend a shit-ton of time setting up scenes or acting like pesky film directors. A wedding photographer already has access to all the images and files necessary to create and edit TikTok content. So there is no need to add another person to the process. Your wedding photographer and team will know exactly where to position themselves to get the best shots!

Click play to see how I used the video clip above to make a Reel for Instagram!

What Can You Expect In A Reel or TikTok?

Some cool concepts for wedding day TikTok content include:

  • A video filled with transitions for every step of the bride getting ready for the ceremony
  • A video of the bride and her bridesmaids in their robes before they get ready. Then transition into the same group posing after hair and makeup finishes.
  • A video of the bridesmaids huddling at the front of the frame. Then moving out of the frame to reveal the bride
  • A photo-versus-the-moment video, showing an edited image and then the footage of the live moment it was captured
  • Capturing a First Look video with the bride’s dad seeing her for the first time before the ceremony
  • Forget the first dance – capture the last dance! Take a sweet video of the couple sharing a dance right as the reception ends
  • A video and images of the first kiss. Making sure the wedding officiant moves out of the way of the shot first
  • A slow-motion video of the couple making their grand entrance into the reception
  • Capture a couple’s unique wedding guest book – quilt squares guests can use, puzzle pieces they can write notes on, etc.
  • Videos or pictures of a bride and groom writing love notes to each other on the bottoms of their shoes

So How Does This Work?

Throughout the day, while I focus on photographing your wedding day in the most honest way possible, a member of my team is using my iPhone to capture short video clips and photos. My team has been with me for dozens of weddings and knows exactly where to be – whether the clip is from the guests’ perspective or ours. You choose how you’d like your content delivered: just the raw clips AirDropped to you at the end of the night, or delivered in less than 3 days as a number of ready-to-post TikToks or Reels.

Wedding TikTok

There are so many fantastic content creation ideas to capture wedding day excitement in fun, unique ways! Don’t splurge on a random stranger you saw on a wedding TikTok or Instagram – stick with your professional photographer, and have them choose someone from their team to create social media content for you to ensure that everything turns out exactly as you picture it to be!

Want to add this service to your wedding collection? Prices range from $600 – $1750, depending on deliverables and content. Reach out now for more information!

But before you go, make sure to check out my wedding photography portfolio for more featured documentary wedding galleries. Then give me a shout to talk about your wedding photography!