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See Why Documentary Style Wedding Photography is Trending!

Tips and Advice

The most important aspect of any wedding that couples cherish forever is photography. Above all, wedding photography captures the unforgettable, heartfelt, carefree momentsthat families want to hold close after the big day is over. From getting ready with your bridesmaids to the “first look”, to walking down the aisle to saying “I Do,” to throwing the party of your dreams surrounded by your closest family and friends, there are many wedding-day moments that couples won’t want to forget. But with me behind the lens, you’ll be sure to have all those special, unique moments captured with documentary style wedding photography images that you’ll treasure for a lifetime.

Documentary Style Wedding Photography

Why I Use Documentary Style Wedding Photography

My photography style ditches the traditional, formal wedding portraits that usually take several grueling hours to accomplish. So my clients enjoy a dynamic approach to capturing wedding day celebrations. It’s all about capturing real moments and joy-filled memories. Gone are the days of static, rigidly-posed portraits. Many modern-day couples opt for photographers that capture candid, joyous, unscripted moments. The memories that make the wedding day one of the best days of your life! This is what documentary style wedding photography is all about.

Why do my clients choose Sonju Photography amongst the over-saturated market of
wedding photographers?

  • I know that your big day is about you, not the photographer’s idea of a “good” photo.
  • Moment-driven, candid moments are captured in a way that couples will cherish forever.
  • Real-life, unscripted moments are always much more fun to look back on than heavily-posed, rigid portraits.
  • The industry is shifting from lay flats and hours of portrait photography to documentary style images of joyous moments of celebration.
Documentary Style Wedding Photography

If you’re looking for documentary style wedding photography, you’ve come to the right place. Some examples of true life, candid moments that I capture (and can be found on my website) include:

  • The bride and her bridesmaids laughing together as they get ready for the big day
  • The maid of honor adjusting the bride’s dress as she gets into the car
  • The newly-married couple sharing a glass of champagne after the ceremony
  • The couple’s friends tearing up the dance floor
  • Behind-the-scenes snapshots of wedding guests taking pictures of one another
  • The flower girl buckling the bride’s shoe
  • The couple’s reactions during toasts and speeches
  • The groom nervously taking one last glance at the ceiling before seeing his stunning bride walk down the aisle
  • The newly-married couple laughing and riding electric scooters
  • The wedding band living it up on stage
  • A groomsman passed out on the dance floor
  • The father of the bride holding back tears as he enters the room and sees his daughter all dolled up for the big day
  • The newly-married couple dancing together at sunset
Documentary Style Wedding Photography

The Experience

Above all, I strive to make your big day all about you. So I use documentary style wedding photography to highlight your celebration to capture the authentic ambiance of your friends, family, and memories. Unlike other wedding photographers who are laser-focused on spending hours getting the “perfect” shots that will look great on their Instagram feed, I promise to take photos that capture the memories and moments you’ll want to hold onto forever. Basically, you won’t look back thinking, “Wow, we really wasted half of our time trying to take the perfect photo!”

Now, this doesn’t mean that you won’t take any posed photos – but I aim to keep directions to a minimum. The most important priority is capturing you and your loved ones in the best lighting and frame, with minimal distractions. The result? True-to-life, artistic photos that you’ll show your kids someday!

Documentary Style Wedding Photography

Documentary Style Wedding Photography

Unique, special moments are a top priority with Sonju Photography. From getting-ready giggles to that teary-eyed “first look” as the bride walks down the aisle to partying it up on the dance floor, your big day will be forever remembered with the amazing, artistic, documentary-style wedding photography by yours truly.

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