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Day in the Life Session | Deerfield Beach Family Photographer


“Sometimes I feel like a failure.” 

“Describe the type of session you want. Why is it meaningful for you to document?”

I just wanted to see from an outside perspective if I mother well. Sometimes I feel like a failure. I’d love to capture the real moment, the craziness, kissing the booboos, and getting through the day with smiles at the end. 

Spending the day with Ida and the kids was exhausting. But a good exhausting. Not even an hour into meeting her face-to-face we were packing the kids into the van and headed to Target. I’ve photographed a mom and daughter at Publix (maybe my second DITL, ever) but add two more kids plus all the sparklyness that is Target and wewwww. Lemme tell you – I was exhausted walking out of that store and we were only one hour in and all I had to do was make pictures and hold Chloe’s hand for like, twenty seconds.

But, that’s the beauty of these sessions. I just hope that the images I delivered tell her that not only is she mothering “well”, but she’s kicking ass doing it.

Here are some of my favorites from my “Day in the Life” with Ida and the littles.

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