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Five Reasons You Need a Photo Booth at Your Wedding

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Think photo booths are on the “out” list of wedding trends? THINK AGAIN. Today, I’m sharing five reasons why you need a photo booth at your South Florida wedding!

First, a little transparency: I’m not only a wedding, family, and event photographer, but I also own Juju Booth, South Florida’s “Non-Sucky” Photo Booth Rental! We’re coming up on 7 years with the Juju Booth brand and I only recently realized I never blogged about the amazing booth(s) we own!

I got into the photo booth industry because I saw a need for photo booths with QUALITY images, professionally lit photographs, and overall a fun experience for wedding guests. Too often, my wedding clients were booking sub-standard photo booths from other wedding vendors and the output just didn’t mesh with the imagery I was creating as their wedding photographer.

Enter: Juju Booth. An open-air photo booth with luxurious backdrops, fun props, and framable 4×6 prints.

Mustache on a stick props? NO.

Flimsy 2×6 prints with shitty fonts? NOT HERE.

Cheesy art and dumb backgrounds? DON’T KNOW HER.

So why have a photo booth at your wedding? I’ll give ya FIVE reasons!

Photo Booths keep your wedding guests entertained.

If they’re not the type to slay it on the dance floor, they’re likely to have a few rounds in the photo booth. No one wants to see your family members tied to their chair all night – give them the experience of a photo booth to make new memories!

Save money on guest favors!

Hate to break it to you, but no one wants your wedding favors. Ok, some want your favors if they’re edible, but most of the time, your planner or coordinator is tossing those candles and coasters right into the garbage at the end of the night.

But you know what always ends up on the fridge or framed at their desk? Gorgeous semi-gloss 4×6 prints of their favorite people.

Having a photo booth can take some pressure off your photographer

It’s true!

Back in the day, when your parents were married, they likely had their photographer follow them around table to table for group shots (“table shots.”) I’ve had a few mothers-of-the-bride ask me if there’s time to take such photos at their daughter’s wedding. The truth is – probably not. Nowadays, so many formalities are packed in a reception, and now that we’re not limited to 24 or 36 exposures per roll of film, every moment needs to be captured!

Having a photo booth at your wedding lets mom get all those photos she craves, and you can hop in the group shots in between dance sets. Win/Win!

INSTANT memories!

Your wedding photographer may not get your photos back to you for a few weeks (or months!) How cool is it to get an email the morning after your wedding with a link to view all of the photo booth captures from the night before. All of your favorite people, right there on your phone while you’re still basking in the afterglow of your wedding.

It’s not the same as your maid-of-honor’s crooked, slightly blurry iPone photos she tried to grab all day for you. These are professionally lit, clear, crisp photographs of the people you love most, ready to share all over Instagram. Lots of couples use their photo booth photos as their post-wedding Insta announcement, and we love seeing it!

And lastly, it feels “Custom”

Custom, fancy, bougie… however you want to describe your photo booth experience, we’re here for it! During the planning process, we send a detailed questionnaire and ask about your invitations, decor, inspiration, etc. Our talented graphic designer creates custom print templates to match your wedding! Don’t settle for cheesy graphics or something another bride will have at her wedding. Your guests will be so impressed by the attention to detail!

Interested in adding a photo booth to your wedding reception? Reach out on Juju Booth’s website here!