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Sweet 16 photos in Miami, photographed at the iconic Vizcaya Museum & Gardens. A little glamour in the gardens, if you will!

Sweet 16 Photos in Miami


Anna & James’ “day after session” at Vizcaya – the perfect location for romantic photos in Miami!

Day After Session at Vizcaya


Quinces don’t have to be weird and stuffy – give your teen the full model experience with fun, natural lifestyle portraits instead!

Quinces Portraits on the Beach – Lucy | Fort Lauderdale Photographer


Quinces lifestyle shoot on the beach

A lot has happened since Napoli. I’ve been slacking in the blog department, but I’m OK with it. It’s my vacation, I’ll slack if I want to. To make a long story short, I did a day trip to Capri, took a boat around the island and saw the beautiful grottos, flew to London, hung […]

Slacker. (Capri, London and Venice)


When I booked this trip, I was hesitant to book guided tours. I even bought the book “Europe Through the Back Door”. I wanted to do what the locals did, eat what the locals eat…but when you’re travelling alone for six weeks, and loneliness gets the best of you, tours are the easiest way to […]

I sneezed in the Vatican…and no one said ‘bless you’.


  I woke up early in Granada to sneak in a phone call to Orbitz. I didn’t realize until right before bed the night before that my flight was actually the next morning. I had given laundry to the hostel staff, and made plans with a girl named Wendy to explore a bit more of […]

Whirlwind – Barcelona, Amsterdam, and Venice


I know right now I’m probably one of the luckiest girls in the world, but sometimes, it really doesn’t feel like it. Maybe the loneliness is starting to kick in, maybe it’s because Mercury is in retrograde, maybe I’m just a dumbass. Whatever it is, I can’t seem to have any luck in the travel […]

Alham-blah blah blah.


I have to admit, while planning this trip, I was most excited about Granada. (Ok, and Italy too, but thats about a week away…) I left the hostel in Lisbon early in the morning, and took a taxi to the airport. Navigating through the airport was easy, and I surprised myself taking the metro in […]



Back home, I got in touch with a model here in Lisbon for a possible shoot. We wrote back and forth for weeks and planned to shoot on Sunday. Vilma met me at my hostel, showed me how to buy a metro ticket, and helped me through the train system of Lisbon. We met with […]

Photo Shoots and Pastries


Ten hour train ride? That doesn’t sound so bad. Oh wait, that screaming child from the last train is sitting next to me? Those florescent lights overhead don’t shut off? These seats don’t RECLINE?! This is going to be a long 10 hours… Actually, make that 11 hours. I’m not sure how it turned into […]

Lisbon: Eleven long hours…but so worth it.


So I loved Paris so much, I decided to stay another night. Alright fine, what had happened was, I got on the wrong train. I was off by one number and ran to catch a train that was about to depart. One of the conductors literally dragged me on to the train, and as I […]

Another night in Paris…?


I’ve about had it with this volcano business. What could have been a cheap flight to Lisbon, turned into spending hundreds of dollars for an overnight train. But, after a nice little refund from Orbitz, (yay for complaining on twitter!) I’m thinking the train might have been a better idea. Besides, how many people can […]

What the heck is RER?