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Surprise Proposal in Palm Beach


Wanna know the worst part about planning your surprise proposal in Palm Beach?

The weather.

Summer is here, which means more proposal sessions! But that also means increased *anxiety* as we try to plan the perfect surprise proposal. As soon as June 1st rolls around, it’s raining every day, baby! And when your clients are from out of town and there’s not a ton of wiggle room for rescheduling – well, ya gotta take chances.

See that little sliver where the blue dot is? That’s where we parked waiting for Alec and Rachel!

But I’ve learned some lessons in my fifteen years of working in south Florida, and sometimes you just have to GO FOR IT. And after a quick text to my mom to send all the good vibes, I told Alec we were a GO for his surprise proposal to Rachel.

The Plan:

Alec and his family were staying up in St Lucie, and Alec and Rachel were to have a little “date” in Palm Beach. Alec’s mom helped plan the whole thing, right down to reservations RH Rooftop restaurant shortly after. I asked Alec to share his location so I could track them. Once I knew they were close, I was to pretend to photograph a friend in the area – which was brilliant because I could have my back to the couple as they walked up and my friend Connie could tell me how close there were. Sneaky!

For this surprise proposal in Palm Beach, all they had to do was enter the cute little courtyard and BOOM. What started as a gloomy, stormy day ended in a near-empty Worth Ave and gorgeous contrasty skies near the beach. And a YES, of course!

Man proposes to his girlfriend in a courtyard near Worth Ave in Palm Beach Florida
Newly engaged couple reacts to a surprise proposal in Palm Beach
Young couple newly engaged in Palm Beach
Palm Beach Engagement session on Worth Ave

Planning a surprise proposal? I’m your girl! Reach out below and I’ll share all my tips and tricks for a flawless proposal!

(Thanks for the good weather juju, mom!)

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