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South Florida Headshots | How to Smooth Out the Process


Timing is Everything: When to Schedule Your Headshot Session

Life in the fast-paced business hubs of Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and West Palm Beach is non-stop. That’s why we recommend planning your South Florida headshots well in advance. Aim to schedule it during a less hectic period for your team, like after the completion of a big project or at the beginning of a quarter. This ensures everyone is fresh-faced and eager to put their best foot—or should we say, face—forward!

Time Allocation: How Long Will We Need?

Wondering what time we should start? I prefer to arrive on site around 10am, just before your team breaks for lunch. That time works best for businesses that need 10-90 people photographed, as we can usually photograph all headshots in two hours or so.

The amount of time needed can vary based on the number of team members and the variety of shots you’re after. Typically, for individual headshots, we recommend setting aside 5-10 minutes per person. If you’re in a rush, we can streamline the process, (sometimes by adding a second photographer/backdrop set up) but we love taking the time to capture the perfect shot.

Our On-Site “Studio” | What We Need

We don’t need much on the day of your headshots marathon. Just a small room (an empty board room or meeting space works great!), one or two outlets, and a table for our equipment. Chairs/stools are not necessary for the type of headshots we create. Things can get a little chatty while we work, so we recommend putting us in an area that won’t distract anyone from work.

Setting the Scene: Types of Backdrops We Provide

It’s amazing how a backdrop can set the tone for your headshot. We offer an array of backdrop options to match your brand’s aesthetic or to give off a particular vibe.

  • Classic White or Black: Timeless and goes with everything.
  • Colored Backgrounds: To infuse a bit of energy and personality into the shots. We like the grey toned drops.
  • Natural Scenery: Being in South Florida, we’re blessed with plenty of gorgeous outdoor settings that could serve as a stunning natural backdrop. There’s likely some good pockets of light around your business.

Not sure which works best for your team’s headshots? I’m happy to point you in the right direction!

Three portraits of salon stylists against a white background

Organizing Your Team: Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Organization is key to a smooth and efficient headshot day. Here are some tips to get everyone on the same page:

  1. Announce the Date(s) Early: Give team members ample time to clear their schedules. For teams with more than 100 subjects to photograph, we might schedule more than one day. This also helps if you have team members that travel.
  2. Share a Schedule: Provide a timeline of who’s getting photographed when. This minimizes waiting time and keeps things running smoothly. I recommend splitting people into groups alphabetically. For example, last names that start with A-F, times are 10am – 10:30am, and so on.
  3. Provide Guidance: Send out some wardrobe tips or even a style guide to help everyone prepare for their close-up. I recommend solid colors, no neons, no large logos, and try to avoid thin stripes or patterns. If you’re willing to pay for light makeup for your team, I can definitely help with finding a fantastic makeup artist!
  4. Designate a Point Person: Have someone on-site to help coordinate, whether it’s ushering people in and out or providing that last-minute hair and makeup check.

It’s Headshots Day!

On the day of the shoot, it’s all systems go! Our team will arrive ahead of time to set up the backdrop and lighting (we’ll need an hour or so to setup and test lighting.) Your designated point person can help ensure team members are ready and looking their best when it’s their turn. And remember, we’re all about making this a fun and enjoyable experience. So relax, smile, and let us capture you at your best!

Ready to schedule a headshots day for your team? Click here to reserve your date!