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Business Storytelling Session | Rising Tide Car Wash

Business Storytelling

Rising Tide Car Wash is one of my favorite South Florida businesses. I know what you’re thinking, “A CAR WASH, Sonj? Really?” How did this business storytelling session come to be?

Rising Tide’s primary employment mission is to hire adults with autism. From their website, “Through intensive training, team building and caring for the community, Rising Tide sets its employees up for success. With this model, Rising Tide has a goal to provide people with autism with an opportunity to build a career and achieve an independent lifestyle.”

So not only are you getting an AMAZING wash and wax, you’re supporting a business that supports those that are often overlooked and forgotten.

I live within walking distance of their newest location in Margate, and spent a day with their employees and couldn’t wipe the smile off my face. I’ll be honest, I went into this shoot not knowing what to expect. I wondered if I’d connect with the employees on a personal level, or if I’d even find their work interesting.

I left at the end of the day with my face sore from smiling and feeling like I made fifteen new friends. The amount of focus and dedication these guys put into their work, and the way their managers support them throughout the day is purely amazing.

I’m so excited to broaden my “Day in the Life” offerings to local businesses. They’re a great way to humanize your business and show customers what the experience is all about. I even snapped some new “head shots” of the employees so the management would have some killer images to use as featured photos on their social media.

Here are a few of my favorites from my day with Rising Tide Car Wash in Margate, Florida:

Interesting in showcasing your Florida business? Want to build morale by featuring your employees and managers? Need to update those stuffy head shots of your employees and managers? Reach out to schedule your Business Storytelling session by clicking the contact button below.