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Boca Raton Family Photographer


As a family photographer in Boca Raton, Florida, I often see the same families again and again. These two lovely ladies are cousins, and their mamas and I go way back to the old Chili’s days. I’ve been photographing the oldest one since she was just a year old, and it’s been the highlight of my year to photograph them together.

It’s so cool to watch your children grow in front of my lens. Actually, the youngest one here is not 100% convinced photo sessions are fun. We always seem to get a handful of meltdown photos and I’m not mad at it. But that’s the beauty of these lifestyle sessions – I make authentic, natural photos of your children just as they are (even when they’re not feeling it, haha!)

Boca Raton has some great locations for your South Florida family session. For this one, we brought the girls to a natural area and stopped anywhere I got a jolt of inspiration. When children are this young, I like to give them a little direction and then just photograph them as they are. Once you gain trust, the magic happens. Or the meltdown. Whatever.

Children's photography session in Boca Raton Florida
Boca Raton Family Photography
Young girl in green dress poses in grass during her Boca Raton family session
Young girl stands in field during her Boca Raton family session

It’s more important than ever to get those photos done of your children. Let me show you how easy it can be to get natural, beautiful images of your family. Click here for my Florida Family Session Guide and get in touch!