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Intimate Elopement at Cathedral Rock | Sedona Arizona Elopement Photographer


Jenn and Logan’s intimate elopement at Cathedral Rock was the perfect September break I needed from Florida. Even if my camera drowned.

I’m gonna get real “get off my lawn” here for a sec, but hear me out. Back in my day, elopements meant running away -just the two of you- to get married. Nowadays, any and all “intimate weddings” are considered elopements.

But Jenn and Logan did it right. For months they went back and forth. Big wedding or head west? Smaller wedding at home or sneak away? They even went as far to book me for the west coast of Florida when suddenly CHANGE OF PLANS we’re going to Arizona!

Jennifer and Logan chose Cathedral Rock as their backdrop to their private ceremony. We met in the parking lot of Red Rocks park, which was a little sketchy since there’s almost no cell service that far into the park. Finally, they pulled up, and Jennifer ran to the bathroom to change as Logan finished dressing outside the car.

We didn’t really have a plan for their Sedona elopement, and I may have underestimated how much planning goes into adventure weddings. We literally just started walking towards Cathedral Rock after the officiant met up with us. Jenn in her high heels, Logan carrying their elopement sign prop, we crossed creeks, dodged mud, and only stopped when it felt right. With Cathedral Rock in the background, Jennifer and Logan said forever.

I set up my iPhone for video, and the ceremony began. The only witnesses were myself, the officiant, and two hiking dudes that watched till the end.

After the ceremony, we decided to explore the park a little for some romantic newlywed portraits. We knew we needed to cross the river, and Jennifer, while still in her heels, crossed first – Logan right behind her. I took the same path, but my shoes slipped on the rocks and down I went, camera in hand.

My camera took a little swim with it’s 50mm lens still attached and all I could hear was “your camera!”. I lifted it out of the water, said some bad words in my head, and prayed to the Sedona elopement Gods that it still worked. It did – for a few minutes. By the time we got to our last location, I had to swallow my pride and ask a tourist to borrow their Sony camera so I could grab portraits in the last bit of light…

These two are so special to me – hope you like my favorites from their Elopement at Cathedral Rock.

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