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Florida Keys Family Photography


You might have noticed a little shift in Sonju Photography – less poseyposey in the park, more documentary-style shoots, etc. And while I’d love nothing more than to offer purely┬ádocumentary sessions, I know there’s still a need and want for posed, camera aware shots. While this blog post is to highlight how freaking beautiful Molly’s family is, it’s also an example how a dash of lifestyle/documentary really is the cherry on top.

Kids will be kids. They’re not built to stand still and smile.

You CAN have it all in one session. And it doesn’t have to suck!

I drove down and met Molly and her extended family in the Keys during their vacation. Apparently only cute kids are made is this group! I had such a blast (memorizing their names) and proving I wasn’t a boring photographer. I love that they chose to hire me as their personal Florida vacation photographer!

Here are some of my favorites:

Please people. More sessions in the Keys.