I recently spent two weeks with my bestie in Europe. Here are a few of my favorites from our trip.  (No one wants to read paragraphs about someone’s vacations – I’ll spare you. And if you follow me on Snapchat, you’ve seen enough, ha!)  Paris, Prague, Budapest, then Paris again. May/June 2017. (Shot with the Fuji […]

June 21, 2017

Personal | Paris, Prague, and Budapest

Oslo, Flam, Bergen, and Oslo again. May 2016

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June 1, 2016

Personal | Norway (Part 1)

Back in March I took a little trip to the left coast. Here are some of my favorites from Matador Beach.

May 3, 2016

Personal | Matador Beach

I just got back from an amazing week in Newport, Rhode Island where I attended Inspire Photo Retreats. I won’t go into all the sappy stuff about how I came back renewed, refreshed, and of course, inspired, but I do hope to make some tiny changes in the way I run my business, and more […]

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February 13, 2016

Personal | Inspire Photo Retreat, Newport Rhode Island

I’m sitting here trying to get a rough plan for my Norway trip in May, and realized I never blogged some of my images from Morocco this past summer! Whoopsie.  See Madrid and Sevilla, Spain here See Granada and Barcelona, Spain here Casablanca & Marrakech, August 2015

January 7, 2016

Personal | Morocco

Mark my words – if this photography thing doesn’t work out, I’m moving to Granada and volunteering at Makuto Hostel. I stayed here back in 2010 and couldn’t wait to bring Amy and Jessica. Mojitos, hammocks, and the best staff on the planet. (See Part 1 – Madrid and Sevilla here) …and we’re off to […]

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September 1, 2015

Personal | Granada & Barcelona

If you haven’t heard (which I seriously doubt considering I wouldn’t shut up about this trip…) I recently took advantage of the Florida summer slow-season and traveled with two of my besties to Spain, Morocco, and Portugal. What started as a solo trip turned into #tresamigas2015 after one night at Jessica’s when I finally asked […]

August 28, 2015

Personal | Madrid & Sevilla